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Vilamoura is a resort in the Algarve region of southern Portugal and is a popular choice amongst holidaymakers around the world. Vilamoura is known for its large marina, the largest in Portugal, but did you know that it has many world class golf courses? There is of course a casino and the sandy Vilamoura Beach.

There are many historical sites and places of interest such as the Cerro da Vila archaeological museum which has a ruined Roman villa with bathhouses and mosaics. Vilamoura borders the town of Quarteira, to the southeast, where there a more beautiful beaches to enjoy. For those looking for beach activities these are plentiful. Dolphin tours and Segway experiences to highlight a couple. With fantastic weather It is easy to see why Vilamoura is a first choice for many year in year out.

Average Weather In Vilamoura

The hottest month in Vilamoura is July and the coldest is January.  The month of July has the most daily sunshine at 12 hours. December is the wettest month. If swimming is your thing the best month to take a dip in the sea is August.

July average temperature:
24°C (75°F)

January average temperature:
12°C (54°F)

Wettest Month December Average rainfall:
94mm of rain.

Best average sea temperature is August:
21°C (70°F).

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